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How Does Online Training Work?

Online training with SlingSmart is simple to use and user-friendly.

On purchase of the course you will be given a unique code to access the course.

The course is separated into modules, and within these are short videos on each topic to be covered, there are also carrying demonstrations with a variety of carriers.

You can work your way through the videos and information at your own pace, and re-watch any videos as and when you feel you need to.

When you are ready, you will complete the written coursework and a short video, if possible, to send to us at SlingSmart. Once we have received and passed this then you will be sent your qualification certificate.

Your log-in will remain active so you can view the video content after qualification as well, and you will be able to join our online community of SlingSmart trained Peer Supporters through our private Facebook group.

What the course offers

Who the course is for

There are no restrictions on who can complete the course, but it is ideal for those who want to provide basic guidance in safety and comfort, within manufacturer guidelines, for carrying children with a sling or carrier.

If you are looking to charge for your individual time and advice regarding carrying or you would like to learn and teach back carrying, if you would like to support carers and children with additional needs, or outside manufacturers guidelines, then you will need to become a Sling Consultant, and this course will not be right for you.

Training fees

The full cost of this course is £80.

This includes access to all of the training videos and information, with no time restriction, and access thereafter. This also includes support via e-mail and our Facebook community, with opportunities for CPD. Discounts may be available for companies or libraries training multiple people at once.

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