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About Us

SlingSmart was created and is delivered by Jessica Smart – Sling Consultant, Midwife and Teacher.

Jessica has a background as a midwife, and when on maternity leave with her eldest son, she discovered babywearing and fell in love with the comfort and security it brought to her son and her family, and became passionate about promoting it.

She set up Worthing Sling Library in January 2014, after discovering that there was a need for support and education in her area. She ran the sling library for three years and trained as a Sling Consultant with Slingababy during this time, providing consultations and workshops alongside the library. The library eventually changed hands and continues to thrive with Lysanne Skinner at the helm.

Focusing on midwifery work for a time and teacher training, Jessica felt disappointed to still be hearing negative opinions of babywearing, especially through healthcare professionals, and decided to make training more practical and accessible by creating an online Peer Supporter training course.

And this is how SlingSmart came to be! The course is written to meet the needs of those who find in-person training a challenge, through location, time constraints, childcare or anxiety. She is hoping that it also provides more CPD  options for healthcare and childcare workers, to incorporate this into their practice, and to share the benefits, without the worry of being unqualified to do so.

Jessica lives in West Sussex, with her husband Craig, two sons, Dexter and Casper, and her cat, Mouse. She also works as an Independent and NHS midwife and a Placenta Specialist, and also runs online birth and baby prep at

How does online training work?

What the course offers

This course offers a qualification in babywearing, at a Peer Supporter level. This involves learning about how to facilitate safe and comfortable carrying, in simple and uncomplicated cases, how to be a good supporter and ally, and when to advise referral to a consultant or healthcare professional.

Who the course is for

There are no restrictions on who can complete the course, but it is ideal for those who want to provide basic guidance in safety and comfort, within manufacturer guidelines, for carrying children with a sling or carrier.

If you are looking to charge for your individual time and advice regarding carrying or you would like to learn and teach back carrying, if you would like to support carers and children with additional needs, or outside manufacturers guidelines, then you will need to become a Sling Consultant, and this course will not be right for you.

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