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About Us

Hi I am Vicky!

I am a student midwife and carrying consultant. Babywearing became a huge part of my life as it enabled me to bond with my eldest child after a traumatic emergency caesarean. I trained as a peer supporter with the School of Babywearing and then a year later I trained as a babywearing consultant with Slingababy.

After experiencing the benefits of carrying first hand, I wanted to share this with as many parents as possible so I organised Scotland’s first ever dedicated sling event – ‘The Scottish Babywearing and Gentle Parenting Convention’ which was well attended by exhibitors and visitors.  We even secured a wee spot on STV to talk about babywearing!

I founded Little Pumpkins Sling Library in 2018 after many local parents who saw me carrying on the school run would stop me to ask ‘sling’  questions.  These enquiries increased with the introduction of the Scottish Baby Box which contains a stretchy wrap.

Since becoming a student midwife, I have discovered that many healthcare professionals are frustrated at being unable to help parents with their baby box sling and I started to investigate how I could make carrying training accessible for them. I then came across this fabulous opportunity with SlingSmart.

The aim of this course is to make babywearing training more practical and accessible. SlingSmart meets the needs of those who find in-person training a challenge; through location, time constraints, childcare or anxiety.  I also hope that in having a course that is more accessible for healthcare and childcare workers, they can see this as a valuable CPD opportunity to incorporate this into their practice, without the worry of being unqualified to do so.

I live in Lanarkshire, with my partner and three children, three cats and bearded dragon!


How does online training work?

What the course offers

This course offers a qualification in babywearing, at a Peer Supporter level. This involves learning about how to facilitate safe and comfortable carrying, in simple and uncomplicated cases, how to be a good supporter and ally, and when to advise referral to a consultant or healthcare professional.

Who the course is for

There are no restrictions on who can complete the course, but it is ideal for those who want to provide basic guidance in safety and comfort, within manufacturer guidelines, for carrying children with a sling or carrier.

If you are looking to charge for your individual time and advice regarding carrying or you would like to learn and teach back carrying, if you would like to support carers and children with additional needs, or outside manufacturers guidelines, then you will need to become a Sling Consultant, and this course will not be right for you.

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