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Babywearing Basics

Why Babywear?

Benefits to Baby

  • Babies are meant to be kept close to us after birth, it makes them feel safe, loved and not overwhelmed.
  • It helps them to maintain their temperature (thermoregulation)
  • It helps them to regulate their heartrate
  • Close contact helps with bonding
  • Breastfeeding is more successful
  • It can reduce flat-head syndrome (plagiocephaly)
  • It is more comforatble for babies with colic and reflux to be upright
  • It supports healthy hip joints
  • It improves speech as they are easier to speak to and interact with

Benefits to Wearer

  • It helps release Oxytocin to improve bonding
  • It improves lactation
  • It is practical and convenient
  • It means you have arms free for other children
  • It can reduce Postnatal Depression
  • It is great exercise
  • It helps other caregivers to bond with baby

And so many other reasons!

Have a look at our Safety section to find out more about safe carrying.



There are a vast range of resources available to assist with education in safe and comfortable carrying. SlingSmart has compiled a number of these to support your journey towards becoming a carrying educator, but these are available to anyone.

What the course offers

This course offers a qualification in babywearing, at a Peer Supporter level. This involves learning about how to facilitate safe and comfortable carrying, in simple and uncomplicated cases, how to be a good supporter and ally, and when to advise referral to a consultant or healthcare professional.

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