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Sling Peer Supporter Training

Hello and welcome to SlingSmart!

I am really excited to have you on board, to join our community of Peer Supporters, who will be going on to make a real difference in the parenting journeys of others. Babywearing is such a valuable tool for new parents, and it is a privilege to share my knowledge, gained during my many years as a sling consultant.

The course is quite user-friendly, but do get in touch if you have any issues. You can make your way through the sections, and the videos and content within them, at your own pace. The videos start automatically and you need to watch each of them from start to finish, once you have watched them once then you will be able to rewind and pause as usual for future viewings.

At the end of each section you will find a short assignment to complete, this will hopefully break up the course easily for you, but you can go back and do these at the end if you prefer. Do not worry about these, they are not designed to trip you up, and there are multiple opportunities to discuss any answers and adapt them through education, everybody will have the opportunity to qualify.

I will be able to see where you are at from my end, and if you need any support at all then you can get in touch with me via the Facebook community group, which I recommend that you join now, or via e-mail if you are not keen on Facebook.

The course is packed full of information on why babywearing is so valuable, what it truly means to be a peer supporter, the importance of safety and demonstrations of various carriers. All delivered in small bite-size chunks.

I recommend that you take some time with it, as humans are only able to take in small amounts of information at a time, but you are able to go back and review any of the videos during the course, and after you are qualified, to refresh your memory.

Enjoy the course!


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